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For undergraduate students, college offers a small variety of room types. There are the main rooms within college situated on the "Straights" (A/B/C-Straight) or the "Curves" (B/C - Curve). The mystery of A-Curve persists to this day. All rooms on the straights are single, and half of the rooms on the curves are shared.

Double room
This is an example of a shared room. There is plenty of space for both you and your room-mate. Room-mates are paired by the President based on the accommodation form you submit. You are likely to be paired with somebody who matches your personality. In the rare event that you are not comfortable with your chosen room-mate, you can talk to college staff about moving rooms.

Double room desk
There is plenty of desk space for you, and you will be provided with desk lamp (these are actually above you, before you start getting confused - the ones on the desk are the student's personal lamps). You will have an ethernet port for wired internet, however CIS has now rolled out Wi-Fi to every college so you will also be able to use this throughout the college, including in your bedroom.

Wardrobe storage space
This is what a typical wardrobe looks like in rooms in college. There is more storage space above them, under the sink, and under the bed. This comes in handy over Christmas when your room has to be cleared for cleaning.