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The JCR offers a wide array of opportunities to meet some amazing people and try out new things. One of the ways you can do this is through the Committee structure of the JCR. The JCR is made up of several Committees that all do different things, from running our formal dinners to running our bar, which all help to make college life so exciting. Below is a list of all the Committees currently running events so please have a look to see if any interest you. Be sure you leave your mark on Aidan’s history by getting involved and ensuring that Aidan’s remains the creative and welcoming college it is!

Bar Committee

Bar Comm'Bar Comm' ensure the bar remains a relaxed and welcoming social space for all Aidanites to use. Led by the Bar Steward, Bar Comm are employed to manage shifts for bar workers, introduce new bar products, run events in the bar, and make sure all of the lines are fit for purpose. Bar Com are also responsible for organising the highlight of everyone’s year: the Aidan’s Summer Festival after exams.

Head of Committee:  Liam Forsyth (bar@st-aidans.com)Facebook

Communities Committee

Bar CommCommunity Committee are responsible for facilitating community outreach schemes and volunteering opportunities. In addition to this, they are responsible for encouraging livers' out to engage with the JCR. They are led by the Community Officer.

Head of Committee:  Amy Campo McEvoy (vp@st-aidans.com)Facebook

Finance Committee

Finance CommFinance Committee, also known as “The Bureau” or “Team Treasure” is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss all of the monetary aspects of the JCR. The committee is led by the JCR Treasurer and consists of the sub treasurers from other committees (e.g. Shop Treasurer) and anyone else who relies heavily on our account. The committee is completely impartial and because of this they can make limited decisions and recommendations to the JCR in JCR Meetings about the best way to proceed on a certain financial issues.

Head of Committee: Sai Kiran (treasurer@st-aidans.com)

Formals Committee

Formals CommFormals Committee are the driving force behind Aidan's formals. Formals are special dinners we have every couple of weeks with improved food, a high table, and usually an exciting fancy-dress theme. Themes in the past have been 'A for Aidan's', 'Under the Sea', 'Aidan's College of Witchcraft and Wizardry. ‘Formals Committee do all the backbreaking labour; blowing up balloons, laying tables, painting posters in conjunction with Team Art, and serving the champagne reception. All in all, Formals Committee is one of the more creative Committees to be involved with.

Head of Committee:  Mia Pereira (formals@st-aidans.com)

Freshers' Team

FrexecThis is the committee that everyone wants to be a part of! The Freshers’ Team are primarily elected to ensure that freshers’ feel welcome and comfortable in their new home. Freshers’ Reps show first-years to their rooms and departments, help them to enrol and matriculate, and organise the events for Freshers’ Week. Being a part of the Freshers’ Team is hard work but incredibly rewarding and most importantly, good fun!

Head of Committee: Sarah Jowett (seniorfrep@st-aidans.com)

Journalism Committee

Jounalism CommJournalism Committee produce all of Aidan’s bi-weekly publications for your reading pleasure. Some of these include our very own college magazine 'Never Say No To Badger' (NSNTB), and the infamous' Bog Roll.' Journalism Committee are also behind Aidan’s annual yearbook for all first year students and run regular careers events. Journo Comm are a fairly open committee and are always looking for creative individuals to write something for their various publications. If you're feeling creative, don't hesitate to send your submissions to the Secretary! (secretary@st-aidans.com)
A selection of back catalogue issues of NSNTB can be found in the documents section of this website.

Head of Committee: Christie Lau (secretary@st-aidans.com)

Livers’ In Committee

Livers’ In Committee consists of all Executive Officers that live in and all of the first year reps of every committee. They attend Housing Committee meetings once a term to represent students’ views on living in college to college staff.

Head of Committee: Alex Tarrant-Anderson (president@st-aidans.com)

Livers’ Out Committee

Livers' Out CommLivers' Out committee is headed by the Vice-President and is responsible for representing those Aidanites who, unsurprisingly, live out! This committee aims to keep those who live out active in college life. Their primary role is to help the Vice-President put on the fantastic Informal Ball in second term, but they also organise the college picnic. They also help the VP organise committee and sports photos, livers’ out meals and other small events throughout the year. The final function of the Livers’ Out Committee is to represent the views of livers’ out on College Council; this role is fulfilled by the College Council Rep.

Head of Committee: Amy Campo McEvoy (vp@st-aidans.com)

MAD Committee

Music, arts and dramaMAD Committee consists of our Music, Art and Drama Coordinators. They aim to facilitate a wide range of artistic endeavours, either from individuals, groups or fully-fledged societies. If you want to start something yourself, be sure to contact them to see how they can be of assistance.

Heads of Committee:
Ellie Brown - Music (music@st-aidans.com),
Tash Steeds - Art (art@st-aidans.com),
Kass Theodoridis - Drama (drama@st-aidans.com)


Meals Committee

Meals Committee primarily consists of the President and all first year reps, but after that it is free for any student who wishes to join. Its main focus is to meet at least once a term to offer feedback and suggestions to the catering team about college food.

Head of Committee: Alex Tarrant-Anderson (president@st-aidans.com)

Media Committee

MediaSplit into two parts, Media Comm is firstly responsible for taking both photos and videos at all of Aidan’s events in order to form and maintain a digital library. As a result, Media Comm (and others) has played a large part in the creation of this website. Media Comm is also responsible for maintaining our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Secondly, Media Comm are responsible for updating the website. Also if you have any IT related problems, hardware or software, these are the people to speak to, even if they cannot fix it themselves they will know who to get in touch with. For IT support, contact the IT officer by email at it@st-aidans.com.

Head of Committee: Alex Tarrant-Anderson (president@st-aidans.com)

Open Day Team

Open Day RepsThis team is responsible for planning, organising and running the events for those who stay overnight during the post-application open days at the end of Epiphany Term. This basically means designing imaginative quizzes for the prospective students, running the exciting UV rave, giving guided tours of the college and city, and making sure everyone knows which department they’re going to in the morning. Exceptionally good fun, this Committee is a great taster for what being a Freshers’ Rep is like.

Head of Committee: Sarah Jowett (seniorfrep@st-aidans.com)

Shop Committee

Shop CommShop Comm is responsible for looking after, stocking and manning the shop. Selling a whole host of goodies including brownies, biscuits, crisps, and soft drinks, the shop is open 2-4 PM and 8 PM-12 AM every day. The shop is a non-profit service run by students for students. Getting a job as a shop worker is a good way of earning a bit of extra money (not to mention you get a free toastie). The Shop Committee also put on 'Jazz Rock and Cocktails' once a term: Aidan's premier relaxed evening of live music played by your mates. If you want to play in 'JRC' contact the Shop's Events Manager.

Head of Committee: Jai Patel (shop@st-aidans.com)Facebook

Social Committee

Soc CommAs one of the biggest committees in college and with a budget to match, Soc Comm host some of the most memorable nights at Aidan's. As well as creating and running all of the college’s social events, Soc Comm have an insurmountable record of amazing socials and an incredible reputation for re-envisaging the look of the college for themed nights. Positions go up at JCR meetings and all that you need is a bit of creative thinking and some enthusiasm!

Head of Committee:  Lydia Purvis (social@st-aidans.com)Facebook

Sports Committee

Sports CommitteeSports Comm are responsible for running the college gym, putting on sports events, and reporting the results of sports matches to the college. This committee help the team captains to run their teams, they represent the sports teams to the DUAU (Durham University Athletics Union), and they are involved in presenting the Sports' Budget to the JCR Treasurer. Sports Comm are also responsible for organising all sport teams socials throughout the year, which not only provide an excellent night out but are also a good way of bringing Aidan’s teams together. The year culminates with the Sportsmans’ Formal, during which, we celebrate all of Aidan's sporting achievements.

Head of Committee: Ellen Brown (sports@st-aidans.com)

Steering Committee

SteeringSteering Committee is renowned for being one of the most challenging yet rewarding committees in Aidan's. They are responsible for setting up JCR meetings and counting votes. Steering Comm is also responsible for comprehensively reviewing the standing orders each term to ensure that they are kept up to date and that democratic procedures are being adhered to correctly.

Head of Committee: Alex Fage (chair@st-aidans.com)

Team Art

Team Art
Team Art are another informal group open to all Aidanites. They are responsible for painting the decorations for JCR events. It is led by the Arts Coordinator, and in exchange for their sustained voluntary work they earn discounts to social events at the discretion of the Arts Coordinator and JCR Treasurer.

Head of Committee: Tash Steeds (art@st-aidans.com)

Tech Committee

TechCommTech Committee, also known as 'Team Tech', or more informally as 'Tech Wizards', are responsible for a variety of technical things at Aidan’s. Not only do they keep our music room and tech store cupboard clutter free, but they also purchase new equipment to ensure our events look and sound better each year. Team Tech is also another informal group open to all Aidanites who would like to voluntarily tech at our major events.

Head of Committee: Mike Croall (tech@st-aidans.com)

Union Committee

DSUUnion Committee is the main point of contact between Aidan’s JCR and the Durham Students' Union (DSU). Union Comm is made up of 3 main members (one senior rep and two junior DSU reps), after that it is an open committee for anyone to join. The main role of the Union Comm is to attend DSU council (the policy-making body of the DSU) and cast votes on behalf of Aidan’s students. After that, you’ll mostly see Union Comm, promoting various DSU events, campaigns, elections, and referenda in college.

Head of Committee: Luke Hollander (dsu@st-aidans.com)

Welfare Committee

WelfareWelfare Comm assist the Welfare Officer in ensuring Aidan's students are safe, sound and comfortable. The two Welfare Assistants offer similar assistance to the Welfare Officer, with contact hours either in town or college if you ever would like a chat. Welfare Committee also supply our students with an abundance of sexual health supplies if needed and they are fully trained by the counselling service in dealing with a wide range of issues. There are also officers responsible for representing and assisting LGBT and International Aidanites, who liaise with their respective university-wide organisations (ISA and LGBTa). Welfare Comm organise DSU coordinated campaigns in conjunction with our Campaigns Committee in order to raise awareness of certain issues.

Head of Committee:  Krish Mehta (welfare@st-aidans.com) Facebook