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Fix My WiFi! (pls)

At the beginning of every term, CIS will run a scan on every PC/Laptop to verify that it meets the network requirements. So let's hope you meet them, because otherwise fixing your issue once at college, will be difficult with no internet access!

Firstly, if you have any anti-virus software installed, and IT IS NOT AVAST ANTIVIRUS OR SOPHOS SECURITY you need to UNINSTALL it. If you have paid for this protection, I'm afraid it is your choice whether you leave it on there, and risk not passing the quarantine test. If you haven't paid for it, I urge you to get rid of whatever software you have, especially McAfee, AVG etc. Norton software tends to pass the test, however if it does not, follow the troubleshoot below. To uninstall go to Control Panel>Add or remove programs>and select the software to uninstall. Then click uninstall. For Macs go to Finder>Applications, find the program and drag it to the bin icon.

Windows Laptops

Click on this link and follow the instructions:

Avast Download

(Click on the image for better clarity)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 15.08.16

Once installed check your tray area (bottom right hand corner) for a blue/yellow 'a' logo to check that Avast! is running. You should now pass the test when trying to connect to DU Student.

Mac Laptops

Clink on this link:

Sophos Download

Fill out your details, and click 'submit'. Click on 'Download'. Scroll to the bottom, and check the 'I accept' box. Click 'submit' and your download should begin. Double click the file once it's downloaded, and then open the setup within the extracted folder.

To check that it has installed, look up at your menu bar, and an 's' inside a shield should appear as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 15.18.17

You should now pass the test when trying to connect to DU Student.

Linux Laptops

Passing the check on Linux is easy; no additional software is needed!

However, connecting to DU Student itself is slightly more tricky, as a few more details are required. Connect to wifi as you normally would, and select 'DU Student'. A 'Wireless Network Authentication Required' window will appear, where you need to enter the following details:

Wireless Security: 'WPA & WPA2'

Authentication: 'Protected EAP (PEAP)'

Anonymous Identity: Leave this blank

CA certificate: '(None)'

PEAP version: 'Automatic'

Inner authentication: 'MSCHAPv2'

Then enter your username and password, and click connect. A message will appear, but just click the 'ignore' button. You should now be connected!

My Installation Failed & Troubleshooting

If neither of these install properly please contact it@st-aidans.com for further help.

If you risked trying to use your own antivirus software, and the test failed, you will need to follow the instructions above. However this is a little difficult without internet, so you will need to first log into 'eduroam'. This network is available at any university campus across the UK.

Login with:

username: "cisusernamehere"@durham.ac.uk

password: "yourcispassword"


username: abcd12@durham.ac.uk

password: 1234abcd

Then use this network to follow the instructions above to install the Antivirus software, and then switch back to DU Student to run the test.

"Unable to read policy" error

If this error appears when opening the dissolvable agent, close out of the agent. Delete all copies of the Bradford Dissolvable Agent by going to your downloads, and then go to the recycle bin and empty it (which will ensure that the agent is deleted).

You will now need to turn off your firewall. On Windows go to the Control Panel, click "System and Security", and then "Windows Firewall". If the firewall is turned on (you can see a lot of green), turn it off by clicking "Turn Windows Firewall on or off" in the sidebar. Now reboot your system, then run the precheck again, and hopefully you should pass! For MacOS, the firewall should be in System Preferences, unless you are using some other firewall software.

Once you have passed the precheck, be sure to turn the firewall back on (carry out the same steps as you did before to turn the firewall back on for Windows).

If you still have issues, there might be some further steps that you need to complete. Contact the IT Officer for more information.


More often than not, it will find the server, but if wifi-gate happens once more like in Epiphany term 2016, please type in


when it requests the server address.

Cannot connect to the internet

If you get this, try using Edge/Internet Explorer for a little bit, as you might find yourself being forwarded to the authentication page (something Chrome doesn't like for some reason).

If you have already passed Bradford, then you might need the following DNS settings. To do this, you will have to select 'Manually Enter DNS Settings'

Primary Name Server:
Secondary Name Server:

Please note, these DNS settings probably won't work outside of the university, so you might have to set it to automatically detect them when you are not on the DU Student network.


If you feel like you have any other issues with with your laptop, contact it@st-aidans.com explaining your issue, and you'll hopefully receive a response the same day. Try to send a screenshot if you can, along with details about your Operating System, as this will help diagnose the problem sooner.

Enjoy your internet! :D