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Housing in Durham - a guide to Living Out

When you choose to live out, there are many options to consider. Location, prices, with or without bills, housemates etc. Hopefully this section will make it easier for you to go about this, or get your head around it.



  • 15 minute walk to Elvet
  • 20-25 minute walk to the Science Site
  • 30 minute walk to College
  • Nearest Shop: Shops in town. The Tesco in Market Square is relatively close
  • Pros: Quieter. Many different take-aways to choose from – ideal for grabbing food after a night out. Also, very close to town, especially compared to College
  • Cons: Does get noisier the closer you get to town

Elvet/hallgarth/Church Street:

  • 5 minute walk (if that!) to Elvet and the DSU
  • 10 minute walk (max) to the Science Site.
  • 15 minute walk to College
  • Pros: Perfect if you literally want to roll out of bed and into your lecture hall. Not too far from town, college or other student housing areas
  • Cons: Lots of students walking to and from lectures. Depending on where your house is, there may be noise from passing traffic (the road gets very busy!)


  • 15-20 minute walk to Elvet
  • 25 minute walk to Science Site
  • 35 minute walk to College
  • Nearest shop: Sainsbury’s Local. There’s a huge (like seriously, massive) Tesco in Dragonville (points for a cool name), about a 15 minute walk from Gilesgate.
  • Pros: Cheaper than some other student areas. The area is generally quieter, and you’re very close to shops for food. Close to Elvet, Klute and Lloyds.
  • Cons: It’s a trek to college (but the walk to the Science site is fine). Slightly further away from the student scene than other areas. Some parts of Gilesgate are very residential.

Neville's Cross:

  • 30 minute walk from Elvet (but can change depending on where you are)
  • 20 minute walk from Science Site
  • 15 minute walk from College
  • Pros: Generally cheaper. Also, tend to be larger houses. Great location if you’re involved in College Committees as close to college
  • Cons: A trek into town, and far away from shops (apart from the nearby Sainsbury’s local)


  • 15 minute walk to Elvet
  • 20-25 minute walk to Science Site/College
  • Nearest Shops: on North Road. There’s a decent sized Sainsbury’s and Tesco
  • Pros: A very student-y area. Loud house parties are common, and with plenty of other students around, it can be very
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    social. Also close to Studio and Loft, and Lloyds isn’t far either.

  • Cons: Depending where your house is, there may be noise from passing trains and people going out. It’s noisier than other areas.

Whinney Hill:

  • 5 minute walk to Science Site
  • 10 minute walk to Elvet
  • 15-20 minute walk to College
  • Pros: Close to lectures for everyone – great for a house with mixed subjects. A quieter area. Close to Maiden Castle. Close to University Health Centre.
  • Cons : In general, more expensive. Full of third-years.

Top 5 Tips:

Make sure you read the contract! There may be some things you particularly need to be watch out for, such as paying from July onwards (most do), move-in date. Don’t get caught out. It’s also a good idea to submit a copy to the Student’s Union to get it checked out by their team — if you take a hard copy to Dunelm house (Student Union building), they can check it and return it to you in 48 hours.

Think carefully about who and where you want to live with Things to consider: habits, cleanliness, bed and waking up times, noise levels, cooking together or not, whether you want to live close to the library/town/college/where you have your lectures/Maiden Castle. Also think about the number of people you want to live with, and the availability of houses which have this number of bedrooms. Don’t live with people just because they’ve asked you first — there are plenty of opportunities to find house mates later on in the term, and during next term.

Ask the landlord important questions Are bills included? Is there any damp in the house? Can I see gas and electricity certificates? Are there any planned works on the house? What’s on the inventory? How much is the deposit? Are they a private landlord or part of a letting agency? If possible, see if you can speak to a current tenant to find out what their experiences of the landlord are. Don’t be pushed by any landlords or letting agents: they want to rent their houses as quickly as possible! Don’t feel like you have to rush into anything.

Try and make sure everyone views the house you’re interested in That way, you can be sure it’s what everyone wants, and there won’t be any arguments. It’s also useful to view a number of properties, so you can find out which one is right for you.

Stay calm! Remember that no matter what, you will be able to find somewhere to live next year, with people you’re happy to live with. If you’re feeling worried, or have any questions, you can contact Krish or Amy (email welfare@st-aidans.com or community@st-aidans.com), or contact the Student Union Advice Service at dsu.advice@durham.ac.uk.

Additional Data (Provided by StuRents):

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Cost of housing according to location:


Cost of housing according to number of people:


Where to search:

StuRents have a fantastic website which lets you search for houses of all criterion from all different estate agents. You can find their website here. cgahjebf   Some other websites are: Bill Free Homes Q Student