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  • Email: president@st-aidans.com
  • Windmill Hill, Durham, DH1 3LJ

Prospective Students

St. Aidan’s is one of the most active and vibrant colleges in Durham. Nicknamed the “King of the Hill”, we are located on the south side of Durham, 20 minutes away from the city centre and 10 minutes away from the University science site. This means that, whilst everything you need is only a short walk away, we enjoy plenty of green open space in which we house a friendly and inclusive community, active in all walks of life. With one of the best views of the Cathedral in Durham, the location itself is a pleasure to spend your University life in. We at Aidan’s believe your personal experiences here are just as important as your degree, and we want you to realise your full potential by allowing you to develop as many life skills as possible.

As a part of our college community, you will have a genuine opportunity to shape your surroundings and make plenty of friends in the process. We fund dozens of sports teams of all abilities, ranging from sides that win trophies to teams that play just for fun. Our opportunities in the arts are increasing and becoming ever more dynamic. We have college pantomimes, live band nights, artwork displays, choirs, and societies that are active throughout the year. All of these are organised and performed by Aidan’s students. Our bar and shop can provide you with an opportunity to earn some extra money, but at the same time give you invaluable experience in organisation and teamwork. Working for the JCR is also a great way to meet new people. And let’s not forget that we have a simply fantastic social scene, which ranges from chilled out daytime trips to the beach, to glamorous balls and the most spirited formals in all of Durham.

This is all made possible because of three things: our excellent facilities and amenities to suit almost every need; a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere where there is no “typical student”; and a passion for putting on exciting events, in which Aidan’s is often transformed into a magical and exciting wonderland…

We look for students who will help us build and maintain our vibrant community and who are open to all walks of life. It is our students who have made this college what it is; we work hard and play hard. For more information on what life as an Aidanite is like, please look at the other links on this page or contact our JCR President (president@st-aidans.com).