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  • Email: president@st-aidans.com
  • Windmill Hill, Durham, DH1 3LJ

The Collegiate System

Durham University has a unique collegiate system, which we believe provides our students with better opportunities to meet like-minded people and to pursue new interests. Durham is made up of 16 distinctive colleges which every student and member of staff is affiliated with for the duration of their time here. The colleges vary in terms of size, style, facilities and ethos. Aidan’s is one of fourteen colleges that is based in Durham City and is comparatively more modern. We boast excellent facilities and a beautiful communal garden with a wonderful view of the cathedral. We have approximately 800 undergraduates and 200 postgraduate students all of whom play a vital role in creating our informal and inclusive community. Colleges are residential bodies that provide students with all the facilities they could possibly need to have an incredible university experience. As a part of our college you instantly become part of a welcoming community. Aidan’s will very quickly become a place that you will feel a part of and will be able to call home. We have all the services you could possibly need on site. Support is readily available and clubs and societies cater for every level of ability. Teaching does not take place in colleges and is instead conducted in one of Durham’s numerous departments. This means that students not only have access to expert tuition but they also have the chance to mix with students from different colleges in lectures, seminars, tutorials or labs. All colleges do have some learning facilities such as libraries and there are college

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mentors to offer help if you require it, but predominantly teaching takes place in the specialist departments. At Aidan’s, students study in every discipline, so the college offers a mixed, varied and exciting learning environment. The balance of college life and departmental teaching, joined together by the college staff, means that Durham is a place where you can both learn and thrive.