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Tech Committee

Tech chair sat down on sunny day

Hi! I’m Harvey (he/him), and I’m your Tech Chair for 2023/24. I’m a second year studying Computer Science, and I’d like to use this page to tell you a bit about Tech Comm, what it is, how it benefits you, and why you might want to join.


The Technology Committee at Aidan’s gets involved with loads of different aspects of student life in the JCR, from huge events like the Winter and Summer Balls, to smaller live lounges, to software projects which improve the student experience (more on that later).If there’s anything tech-related, we’re probably involved. We’ll set up audio and lights for JCR events, and work with

local businesses for some of our bigger projects.


We also manage tech hires - allowing others to rent out the JCR’s tech to generate income for the committee and JCR as a whole. So, there’s a range of different roles available to get involved with.


I’d say the best thing about being part of Tech Comm is that you can commit as much of your time to it as you like: maybe you’ve got half an hour to spare here or there to help build a stage as an Ordinary Member. Or maybe you’d like to make a bigger commitment, like managing all of our hires. It's up to you!

We definitely don't spend all day coiling cables...

About software projects…

As someone studying computer science, as well as being someone just generally interested in software development, something that I would have loved to have seen more activity around during my first year is JCR programming projects. With this in mind, I’d like to revive this aspect of Tech Comm this year. Personally, I think that providing a low-risk place to build and deploy projects would be really useful. So, if you’re interested and/ or have any ideas or questions, feel free to send me an email, or take a look at the JCR’s GitHub page - especially the ideas repo.

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