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Within the JCR there is a range of societies that everyone can get involved in from our weekly film club to our surf society. Societies are a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and couldn't be easier to join. Every year in Freshers’ Week Aidan’s runs a sign up fair where the heads of all our societies, sports and committees come down and explain a little more about their respective organisations. Alternatively, if you’ve already made up your mind about which societies you wish to join, please email the society head. Their contact details can be found below... If there is a society that we don’t currently have that you would like to start please check out our 'Setting up a Society’ tab for more information.

Aidan’s Chamber Choir

Chamber-Choir.jpgAidans Chamber Choir is one of the more recently established societies of the JCR; however, over the course of the year they'll be putting together a range of classical repertoire. They're also on the lookout for a conductor and an accompanist, so if you’re interested in either of these roles, just contact the head of the society below. Ultimately, they're aiming to sing in the cathedral…

Head of Society: TBC (chamberchoir@st-aidans.com)

Aidan’s College Theatre (ACT)

Aidans-Theatre.jpgACT is Aidan’s one and only Theatre Company. ACT is responsible for all of Aidan’s major theatrical performances, organising the annual college pantomime at Christmas and the musical production in summer. ACT also aim to put on theatrical performances in the main University theatre each term with successful ventures in past including; Bedroom Farce , The Picture of Dorian Gray and Othello.

Head of Society: Kass Theodoridis (drama@st-aidans.com)

Aidan’s Jazz Band

Jazz BandThe Aidan's Jazz Band are an extremely talented and enthusiastic group of musicians, who perform at regular Aidan’s events such as Aidan's Live Lounge and during the champagne receptions of many of our formals. Open to all people who take an active interest in jazz music, we’ll have you performing in no time.

Head of Society: Will Stephenson (jazzband@st-aidans.com)

Aidan’s Voices

Aidans-Voices.jpgAidan’s Voices is an informal mixed choir for anyone at Aidan’s who enjoys singing. They learn a variety of enjoyable songs of mixed difficulty, and perform at a range of events including the college Carol Service and Aidan's Live Lounge. No previous experience is required and there is no audition process. Just pop along to a rehearsal if you are keen to get involved!

Head of Society: Catherine Bench (aidansvoices@st-aidans.com)

Board Games Society

St. Aidan’s board games society is one of the newest JCR societies; however, they aim to grow in numbers, and offer various opportunities throughout the year to play different games… after all, who doesn’t love the odd overly competitive game of monopoly?! They have recently purchased a range of new games, and they are all kept behind the shop, so any JCR member can take them out and use them whilst the shop is open. So whether you’re a chess enthusiast, or a casual cluedo fan, get in touch with the head of the society (below) to get involved.
facebook Head of Society: Chris de Planta(boardgames@st-aidans.com)

Christian Union

The St Aidan’s College Christian Union is a group that aims to bring together Christian students from different denominations and church backgrounds, and unite them in their common shared faith. They meet once a week in the Garden Room to discuss common issues and talk through various bits of scripture.

Head of Society: Adam Davies and Rosie Abbott(christianunion@st-aidans.com)

Climbing Society

The climbing society takes regular trips to local climbing centres to take on the best walls and boulders that the North East has to offer on a Wednesday and Sunday afternoon. Open to all abilities, from the semi-professional to those who’ve never tried climbing before, the climbing society allows you to give climbing a go in a fairly informal setting.

Head of Society: Izzy Alexander (climbing@st-aidans.com)

Croquet Society

CroquetSince its foundation, the St Aidan's Croquet Society has attracted a strong group of supporters - from regular players to less serious social members. Open to everyone of all abilities, the Croquet society puts on regular practice sessions, annual comptetions and scintillating socials. So dump the racquet and pick up the mallet.

Head of Society: Tim Callow (croquet@st-aidans.com)

Disney Society

DisneySoc Aidan's Disney Society is a casual society dedicated to celebrating the works of Walt Disney and his company. We meet weekly to watch Disney movies voted on by the society members, to play Disney games, and to socialise with other fans of Disney. Find out more about what's happening on our group page! We all look forward to meeting you.

Head of Society: Ryan Collins (disneysoc@st-aidans.com)

DUCK Society

Aidan’s DUCK (Durham University Charities Kommittee) fundraises money through numerous events for charities of YOUR choice. We produce not to be missed events throughout the year including the infamous SACFS, DUCK hits and our jam packed DUCK week as well as creating some rather cheeky calendars to make sure you don’t miss any DUCK event that is happening. If you need any help or advice throughout the year with your own fundraising ideas, whether you’re going on a DUCK expedition or have a charity close to your heart, we are also here to provide you with that guidance and support you need, making fundraising as enjoyable and stress free as possible. So don’t feel afraid to approach me and ask!So whether you want to have a large role within the society as my events coordinator, vice president or treasurer or just want to join more casually as a little DUCK-ling to fundraise some money whenever takes your fancy, you will be more than welcome!
facebook Head of Society: TBC (duck@st-aidans.com)

Fashion Show Society

Fashion Show ExecThe St Aidan's Fashion Show Society is directly linked to the Aidan's branch of DUCK (Durham University Charities Kommittee), and as such, all proceeds from their annual event go towards the overall total of Aidan's DUCK. So, if you have a passion for fashion, or simply want to lend some assistance for a good cause, this is most certainly the society for you!

Head of Society: TBC (sacfs@st-aidans.com)

Feminist Society

As one of the more recently ratified societies at Aidan's, the feminist society is looking to kick start this year with a bang, hosting - amongst other activities - numerous events and discussion groups on the subject of Feminism. Not exclusively for women of course, the Aidan's FemSoc can be joined by any member of the JCR who wishes to actively support this growing movement and ideology.

Head of Society: Alison Gamble (femsoc@st-aidans.com)

Film-Making Society

FilmMaking.jpg A new society to Aidan's, Film-Making Soc are eager to get started some more filming projects underway (after their successful 'Werewolf in Aidan's' short), so if you want to take part in acting, filming, editing or anything related, just get in touch. And the best part is...NO experience is required!

Head of Society: Netti Jungnickel (filmmakingsoc@st-aidans.com)

Golf Society

NHS The Nineteenth Hole Society is a casual golfing society with trips to play mini golf, pitch & putt and at driving ranges. There is a strong contingent of members devoted to mini golf and socials which take place. The NHS offers the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of university life. Swingin' clubs by day, swing in clubs by night. facebook Head of Society: Riaz Razaq (golfsoc@st-aidans.com)

International Society

The International Society aims to organise international events - ranging from parties to sport events - coordinate volunteering schemes & language exchanges and generally create a strong iIntSocExecnternational community which will benefit everyone at St Aidan's College.

President: Clara Ohayon (internationalsoc@st-aidans.com)

LGBTIQ+ Society

LGBTThis progressive society aims to create a stronger sense of unity within the LGBTIQ+ community of St Aidan’s College. By working with the LGBT+ Representative from JCR's Welfare Committee, it aims to provide social opportunities for self-identified LGBTIQ+ students as well as enabling members to have the opportunity to voice any problems or concerns that they may have to the representative, who may pass these on to the rest of Welfare Committee.

Head of Society: Alison Gamble and Cassandra Bailly (lgbtqi@st-aidans.com)


Photography Society

Jai.jpgSt Aidan’s Photography Society aims to firstly take some amazing pictures, but also aims to teach those who don't know, how to use a camera and how to use editing software to make the most of your photos. Photo Soc is a fairly informal society which is open to anyone with an interest in photography (whether you have a camera or not). Not only is this society a great way to make new friends but it is also a great opportunity to try cool camera things like light painting, theatre photography, car headlight trails, nature portraits or anything else you can think of.

Head of Society: TBC (photography@st-aidans.com)

Quidditch Club

Quidditch.jpgSt Aidan's is one of only two colleges at Durham to host a team for this unique and niche sport. If you fancy riding a broomstick, chasing after a snitch or simply throwing about a few quaffles, then this is most certainly the society for you! NB: Obsessive Harry Potter enthusiasts only... Founding members have even gone on to play at an international level!

Head of Society: TBC (quidditch@st-aidans.com)

SACFAS (St. Aidan's College Foreign Affairs Society)

sacfas St Aidan’s College Foreign Affairs Society (SACFAS) is an exciting, newly ratified society that seeks to be a forum for foreign affairs discussion and debate. The society will attempt to bring together a range of minds that have a passionate interest in the outside world and wish to share this passion with other like-minded students at College-level. SACFAS will attempt to run regular informal debate and discussion sessions running according to a pre-voted set of topical questions that relate to the most recent foreign affairs news. The Society will also attempt to run numerous social events, invite speakers, as well as provide a source of information for other University-level talks and useful educational resources. All are welcome regardless of degree to join this society. SACFAS’s ethos is one defined by being outward looking. This is both literally but also in terms of it’s membership. Whether a Politics/IR student, Economist, Historian, Scientist or Geographer, allstudents are free to join and get involved! Sign up via Facebook or catch us at the 2015 St. Aidan’s College Fresher’s Fair. Alternatively follow us on our fledgling SACFAS Twitter Page:@SACFAS15 You can also check out our New Blog with it’s first Articles due to be published soon: https://staidanscollegeforeignaffairssociety.wordpress.com
facebook Head of Society: Adam David and Justin Beese (sacfas@st-aidans.com)


SAS&S.jpgThe St Aidan's Sand & Surf society are self-admitting to the fact that they "have no skillsets whatsoever, but we just love going surfing..." So if you want surfing, beach games (and sometimes even cocktails on the beach), then look no further! Minibuses to the coast enable multiple trips per term, and there are even rumours of a trip to Hawaii at Christmas...

Head of Society: TBC (sass@st-aidans.com)

Student Community Action

SCA.jpgStudent Community Action is a university-wide volunteering group, running over 35 different projects to get Durham students out of college and involved in the local community. No matter what your interests are or your abilities, there will be something for you. Their volunteer opportunities range from tutoring GCSE students and playing music in nursing homes to litter picking with Bill Bryson and dog walking. It’s a brilliant way to get out there and meet new people, as well as this, it looks great on the CV, so contact us and get involved!

College Ambassador: TBC (sca@st-aidans.com)