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'JCR' stands for 'Junior Common Room' and physically the JCR is precisely that: a selection of common rooms in which students can chill, eat a toastie, and engage in general student merriment. The term 'JCR', however, represents so much more than simply a space to relax. A JCR is the entire body of undergraduate students belonging to a particular college. Often described as a 'mini-students union', it is the JCR system that distinguishes Durham colleges from normal halls of residence. Each college JCR is structured differently, but each has a set of student elected committees designed to represent and carry out the functions of the JCR. This means that Aidan's JCR is run by students for its students. At Aidan's we are incredibly fond of our JCR and actively encourage our students to play a role in representing and contributing to Aidan's unique identity amongst the rest of the Durham colleges.

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